About Me

Taracosm Painting

Just a neurodivergent aspiring illustrator trying to give her cat a good life.

I grew up really fond of painting and drawing. Fell in love with acrylics and painting on canvases. I have since joined the modern age with digital art and finding a style that blends my traditional look with the digital medium.

I also have a soft spot for sculpting. It has been an amazing and fun journey to figure out ways to blend that with my paintings as well.

Growing up, art has always been a great way to allow me to express myself and connect with people because it is not always easy. I love how art is a universal language like music that anyone can understand and get enjoyment out of.

I hope my art is able to connect with you.

Thank you for visiting my shop!


Taracosm's Black Cat with Framed Witch Art