About Me

Taracosm Painting

Just a neurodivergent aspiring illustrator trying to give her cat a good life.

I grew up really fond of painting and drawing. Fell in love with acrylics and painting on canvases. I have since joined the modern age with digital art and finding a style that blends my traditional look with the digital medium.

I also have a soft spot for sculpting. It has been an amazing and fun journey to figure out ways to blend that with my paintings as well.

Growing up, art has always been a great way to allow me to express myself and connect with people because it is not always easy. I love how art is a universal language like music that anyone can understand and get enjoyment out of.

There are so many emotions, stories, lessons, and more that can be told through art. That's what attracts and connects me to so many characters and stories from all types of art from classics like everyone's favorite Little Mermaid, to epic books and movies like Lord of the Rings & Harry Potter, to music from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, to comic book characters like Scarlet Witch and Harley Quinn. It's amazing to see characters and stories with emotions, energies, and characteristics that I see in myself and can relate to.

Through art I have been able to meet and be apart of great communities. It has allowed me to talk and connect with people that I would normally have a hard time with. I'm still pretty shy and introverted so when you see me in person I still may be quite quiet.

I'll just let my art talk and break the ice for me.

Thank you for visiting my shop!


Taracosm's Black Cat with Framed Witch Art